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"Finally... YOU Can
Eliminate Confusion
When You're Looking
For the Best Drums
and Cymbals!"

drums & cymbals guide

Only $4.97!

Have YOU been thinking about buying a new or used drum set, but are not
sure of exactly what the best drums are?

Maybe you find yourself dreaming of owning...

  • the best drums that have the most incredible sound!
  • the best drums that are the most inexpensive!
  • the best drums for rock drumming!
  • the best drums for jazz drumming!
  • or the best drums to get for your child who's just starting out!

Maybe your not looking for the best drums, but maybe you're wondering what
the best drumheads are, or the best cymbals for a particular situation...

The question is... where do you start when there are so many different
products on the market?

If you're planning on investing your money into the BEST DRUMS, or ANY new
or used drum equipment, you probably have LOTS of questions... and you
should, because you know as well as I do, these things cost MONEY... good,
hard-earned money

Hi, I'm Danny Brown, and I have some exciting and important information
to share with you!

drums Dan

I've been drumming since 1976, and for several years now, I've become a very
serious student of the construction of the best drums and cymbals on the market!
You can read more about me here (link opens in a new window)!

Because of the love I have for my instrument, the purchasing mistakes I've made,
and the purchasing mistakes of my friends, I've decided to compile my experiences
and teachings so that you'll have an "edge" when you're shopping for the best drums
and cymbals for your particular needs!

By the way, if you haven't already done so, grab my FREE "Super Drum Tips" Handbook!

Do You Realize Most People
Who Invest Good Money on Drums
and Cymbals Regret it Later?

The reasons being, once they get their new purchases home and use them for a
while, they either...

  1. Soon realize what they bought was not exactly what they were hoping for!
  2. They later see or hear something else they should've purchased instead!
  3. Or, they just get bored with their new purchase rather quickly (usually
    because of the first two reasons)!

How many times have YOU purchased something, and then later wished you hadn't
done that? I've done it so many times, it's embarrassing! This is known as, "Buyers

So, if you're gonna invest your hard-earned money on the best drums and cymbals
for your needs, you'll obviously want to avoid the things that "leave a lot to be
desired" by making a good choice on the best drums and cymbals the first time
around! But... How do you make good choices? Well, there's two ways...

  1. By making bad choices, thereby, learning from your mistakes...
  2. OR, the least expensive way... By doing your homework first!

So, if YOU have ever wondered...

  • What to look for when selecting the best drums...
  • What to look for when selecting the best cymbals...
  • Why different drum sets and different cymbals vary so much in sound...
    and in price...
  • How to select the best drums and cymbals that suit a particular style
    of music...

... then I have some exciting information to share with YOU!


"The Ultimate Drums
and Cymbals Guide"

drums & cymbals guide

Only $4.97!

What YOU Need to Know to Choose the
Best Drums and Cymbals ...SIMPLE & EASY!

"The Ultimate Drums and Cymbals Guide"
is the best drums and cymbals eBook
out there... What's an "eBook?" It's the type of book you conveniently download
and read on your computer or mobile device... You can even print off a copy! Fast, convenient, and SAFE... right from Amazon!
If you're looking to make your first purchase on the best drums for your needs...
improve upon your current set up by adding to it... Or, wanting to completely
replace what you already have... "The Ultimate Drums and Cymbals Guide"

will show you what you need to know before you invest your money on new or
used drums or cymbals... and help you to avoid buyer's remorse

Even if you're not quite ready to make a purchase on the best drums and cymbals,
"The Ultimate Drums and Cymbals Guide" will help you decide EXACTLY what you
want... and need WHEN you are ready!

I'm always asked for my opinion...

  • "What are the best drums when it comes to sound quality?"
  • "What makes the difference between cheap cymbals and more expensive ones?"
  • "Should I buy cymbals by the pack?"
  • "What's the best value for my money?"
  • "What are the best drums for my child?"

...and so on!

Even though some people will ask for advice before spending their hard-earned
money in search of the best drums and cymbals, it's amazing how many more will
NOT... They'll just go out and spend their money on drum and cymbal equipment
without first doing any research at all...
This is a recipe for potential disaster!

So, if  YOU want to know what the best drums are for beginners... What the best
drums are for rock music... Or the best drums for jazz... I'll tell you in "The Ultimate
Drums and Cymbals Guide
I'll also tell you what cymbals are best for the
particular style of music you're playing...

But... that's just a small taste of what you'll learn
in "The Ultimate Drums and Cymbals Guide"

I'll also tell you about...

The Factors That Affect
the Best Drums Sound Quality...

  • The important part drum shell construction really plays in the
    sound quality of the best drums! 
  • The bearing the "depth" of your drums have on their sound!
  • How different types of drumheads affect the sound quality
    of the best
  • How different types of hoops affect the sound quality of 
    the best
  • Why the way your drums are mounted is critical to your sound! 


The Factors That Affect
Cymbal Sound Quality Too...

  • The difference in sound between "cast" and "sheet" cymbals!
  • How the size, weight, profile, and even bell size of your cymbals
    affect their sound characteristics!
  • The differences in pitch and tone between thin and thick crash
    cymbals... and what style of music they are best suited for!
    But it doesn't stop there! I'll also tell you about...

The Importance of
Drum Shell Construction...

  • The differences in sound characteristics between thin and thick
    shelled drums!
  • The many different types of woods used in the construction of
    the best drums... and why there are so many!
  • The sound characteristics of the different woods used in drum
    shell construction... and how you can recognize them!
  • About metal drum shells... what kind of sound characteristics
    they have... and why they're so special!
  • The difference in the drum shells of higher-end drums verses
    entry-level drums!
  • The bearing of the number of wood plies has on sound quality! 
  • Why "stave" shells produce such excellent tone!
  • Why drums with "segment" shells are so easy to tune... and
    stay in tune longer!

There's still more...

You'll Get in-Depth Analysis
of Snare Drums...

  • Understand the major factors that affect a snare drum's
    tone, pitch, and clarity!
  • What to look for in a snare with a warm, low tone! 
  • What to look for in a snare with a bright, high tone! 
  • Understand the sound qualities of a metal snare verses
    a wood snare!
  • What kind of snare is best for YOUR style!

...And Tips on Choosing Your Cymbals...

  • What the difference is between "cast" cymbals and "sheet"
    cymbals, and why one is preferred over the other!
  • What to look for in hi-hats to get a good "chick" sound!
  • Why the style of music you're playing is critical when
    your ride cymbal!
  • Understand the uses and sound characteristics of 
    different "effect" cymbals

There's still even more...

You'll Get Some History, Background and

Insight into Drum Manufacturers...











Cymbal Manufacturers Too...






Spizzichino (Spizz)




This Information is Priceless...

Literally hundreds of hours of research has gone into creating "The Ultimate
Drums and Cymbals Guide
so you no longer have to guess when it comes to
the best drums and cymbals for your needs... and risk potentially wasting good,
hard-earned money on drums and cymbals you may regret later!

Now you can have peace of mind by getting the facts FIRST (from one who
knows)... rather from one who is a commission paid store employee who may
lead you to purchase something in his or her own best interest!

"Dan, I got The Ultimate Drums and Cymbals Guide, and I must say,
I love it! I've never in all my days publishing drum instructional material for a living came across such a Comprehensive and Complete Guide to buying drum gear!
I realize I can literally save hundreds of dollars just by educating myself properly before I go out and spend my hard earned money on my drum gear!

My favorite part is about the different type of wood for each drum, and a breakdown of the sounds... I now know what to look for to get different sounds in a kit! 

Next, I really enjoy the part where you explain the history behind each popular drum company... Now when I go into a music store I'm sure I will know 10 times what the drum guy there knows!

If anyone is still undecided on whether or not to purchase Dan's eBook I am going to give you two words of advice... DO IT!  I don't just recommend any products by anyone, I truly believe this is the Ultimate Guide to choosing the best drums and cymbals for your needs!"

Jared Falk
Jared Falk
Abbotsford, B.C.


Okay, so if you're thinking about purchasing new or used drums or cymbals now or in the future... you've got to own "The Ultimate Drums and Cymbals Guide" in order to choose the BEST DRUMS and CYMBALS for your needs!

Hours and hours of time and research have gone into gathering this data;
therefore, a ton of money could be charged for "The Ultimate Drums
and Cymbals Guide

But you'll be shocked when you realize you can own it... for just $4.97! Why only $4.97?

A couple of reasons...

  1. I want it to be affordable for every sincere, hard-working person
    like YOU... who wants to know the facts before making an investment
    in the best drums and cymbals for any particular need... and I want to
    make sure there's nothing standing in your way... not even the small
    price of such a powerful eBook
  2. The second reason is... I know you LOVE your instrument, and you NEED
    this information... And I want you to own it!

Again, this powerful manual not only contains the information YOU need to choose the best drums and cymbals for your particular needs, but also will help
you avoid wasting money on drum equipment you
may be sorry for later!

If sooner or later you'll be making a purchase, whether it's for the best drums or
cymbals on the market, or the cheapest drums or cymbals on the market... you'll
want to make the best choices for your money, right? So get your copy now...

The money you save on purchasing the BEST DRUMS and CYMBALS for whatever
reason will be far more than the small investment you're making in "The Ultimate
Drums and Cymbals Guide

Only  $4.97 from Amazon!

drums & cymbals guide

Only $4.97!


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